Dr. Aharon Amir
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Dr. Aharon Amir

Dr. Aharon Amir

Aharon Amir completed an internship in Scotland, and he worked as a micro-surgeon in Toronto (Canada).
He is a member of the American Association of Microsurgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons United States and the Israel Society of Plastic Surgeons.


Aharon Amir is a plastic surgeon specializing in complex reconstruction of the head, face, neck and chest as well as complex plastic surgery after the extensive removal of malignant face and neck tumors.


  • Aharon Amir graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tel Aviv.
  • Specialization in complex surgical reconstruction at the “Moshe Soroka” Medical Center.

Upon the completion of his training, Dr. Aharon Amir worked for a year and an half in Canada for the Toronto General Hospital specializing in microsurgical reconstructive surgery of the head and neck.

Career Accomplishments

In the late 90's, after the completion of his work in Canada, surgeon Aharon Amir returned to Israel in 2010. He was appointed Chief Surgeon and he led the Reconstructive Surgery of the Head and Neck Service, where he treated patients with pathological or congenital tumors, as well as trauma patients. As of 2010, plastic surgeon Aharon Amir became the head of the microsurgery service at the Plastic Surgery Department at Carmel Medical Center.

Research activities

Aharon Amir is not just a physician but is also the author of numerous research papers. His articles have been published in specialized medical journals. He attends many Israeli and international scientific conferences. For three years, he was in charge of an extended plastic surgery course at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tel Aviv.

A Professional Approach

Even though reconstructive plastic surgery is a field of medical practice and, accordingly, the purpose of the surgeon is to create the best possible fit and help the patient resume normal physical activity, there is also an emotional and spiritual aspect of a plastic surgeon’s work, which is not to be placed second, says Aharon Amir. The aesthetic result - the acquisition of the patient’s desired appearance - is the foundation of one’s peace of mind. Thus, working with patients involves a professional approach focused on ensuring the long-term effect of the treatment, but also a personal approach, taking into account human factors and the comprehensive study of the problem for which the patient is consulting the physician.

Each surgery is preceded by a period of careful planning. Modern reconstructive plastic surgery makes it possible to recover the lost functionality of organs and obtain the best aesthetic result that satisfies the expectations of the patient. During recovery, the patient who underwent surgery goes through continuous checkups in order to prevent adverse effects and lead to the full recovery and successful discharge of the patient.

Boasting the highest professional level, Dr. Aharon Amir successfully performs complex plastic surgery, including complex reconstruction surgery - reconstruction of the head, face, neck and chest. His many years of experience and the advanced microsurgical equipment he uses ensure the accuracy, quality and safety of all surgical procedures.

Advanced Training

  • Internship at the Kanisburn Hospital in Glasgow: six-month residency in complex head and neck reconstructive surgery in Scotland.

Member of Associations:

  • The American Association of Microsurgery
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The Israel Society for Plastic Surgeons
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