Welcome to UNIMED Medical Center

We created UNIMED to provide you, the medical tourist, with the very highest level of personal health care available  around the world. Why Unimed you may ask? Simple – our doctors are some of the best in the world, with international certifications, but, additionally, we can offer you costs for your care which are in some cases as much as 50% less than what you would pay if you stayed home in places like the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Australia and other western countries with zero loss of quality of care.

UNIMED Offers:

  • Major diagnostic and treatment facilities
  • Best doctors and medical support staff
  • Specialized travel arrangements for the medical tourist around the world

Every UNIMED affiliated clinic must pass our extremely rigorous inspection requirements and must be internationally certified to offer the highest levels of professional medical care.

Our Philosophy

Our approach at UNIMED – we are here to ensure that you are treated like a person, not a number. Regardless of your income, we can help you to save money on your medical treatment and we will ensure that you get all of your needs cared for from start to finish. It is our goal to get you in and out as quickly as possible to ensure that you can go back to leading a normal life as soon as possible.

Personal Care

Our staff of specialists will accompany you from start to finish during your entire treatment plan and will conduct all necessary medical consultations with doctors in your home country. We will also arrange to transfer records to doctors here and will arrange for a pre and post treatment plan to ensure that you get better quickly.


UNIMED can provide all of the following services to medical tourists:

  • Hotel reservations in hotels which are close to clinics and hospitals, allowing you and your family easy access to your medical treatment needs while guaranteeing a high standard of care.
  • VIP service at the airport to meet you and escort you to your hotel or directly to the hospital for those requiring more serious treatment.
  • Air-outpatient services where necessary, arranging for in flight care to ensure that you arrive safe and sound, ready to undergo your medical treatment.
  • Shuttle from the airport to your residence.
  • A personal driver and car can be arranged as well for you and or your family as required, including drivers who speak your own language
  • Organization of tourist visits for your family while you are undergoing treatment in world class hospitals.
  • Patient records provided in your own language which you can take back to your doctors at home to continue your care as needed

These services and others are provided on an à la carte basis as needed by the individual patient. It’s all part of our commitment to ensure that you have the very best medical treatment available from the very best doctors.

We will provide you with the most effective treatment for your medical tourism visit as well as a comfortable stay!